Who we Are


Federalberghi over a hundred years is the national organization more representative of the Italian hoteliers.

Federalberghi represents the needs and proposals of the hotel business in the institutions and political organizations, economic and union.

Federalberghi aims to enhance the economic and social interests of tourism entrepreneurs and promote the recognition of their social role, the affirmation of the tourist economy, the promotion of the tourist accommodation.

Federalberghi stipulates national labor contracts, performs and sponsors scientific activities for the analysis of the industry, promotes entrepreneurship training of the members, assists and coordinates the organizational system at the provincial level territoriale- and the regional one, in the protection of business activities.

The agreements signed by Federalberghi guarantee to member companies a range of free services or on concessional terms.

-Polizza Hotel Zurich Insurance, developed tailored to the needs of the hotel company.

-Convention With SIAE to get further reductions on the amount of royalties.

-Agreement With SCF for the reduction of fees for related rights.

-Convention With Public Administration, Hospitality program tailored for access to major market segments and Hospitality Program Sportiva with preferential rates reserved to the sports world.

-Whizz Italy, a company responsible for the distribution is the main foreign newspapers both of the lesser known, guarantees to members Federalberghi the 12% discount on the cover price, with a guarantee of the best market conditions.

The organizational system Federalberghi

Federalberghi, together with local associations -provinciali, national unions, regional unions, is at various levels the organizational system of representation and protection of tourist accommodation businesses.

The regional unions represent, in the organizational context, the institutional level of representation of the interests of local associations -provinciali, which for this purpose are required for their establishment.

The local associations, formed at the provincial level or in more limited areas of a resort town, representing the hotel industry.

The national unions representing the receptive tourism companies united by characteristics and similar purposes or companies of other tourist categories.

A Federalberghi national level adheres to Confcommercio, in which, together with the other associations of tourism businesses, has created Confturismo.

At European level Federalberghi adheres to HOTREC, the association representing the HoReCa sector - Hotel, Restaurant, Café.

-All National Federalberghi activities of www.federalberghi.it