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The summer, but not only, of the province is enlivened by many occasions for enjoyment and it is studded with a busy schedule of events partly repeated every year. Piceno folklore offers an endless series of festivals and events which are a prelude to the most important historical re-enactments such as for example the “Giostra della Quintana” (Quintain Joust) - in Ascoli Piceno – a challenge between the districts of the town - (in mid July and early August); “Sponsalia” in Acquaviva Picena (first week of August) - engagement and marriage of Rinaldo di Brunforte, medieval games, wedding banquet, fire of the fortress through an assault tower. “Templaria” in Castignano from August 16th to 19th - medieval nights with theatre, music, dancing, holy and profane portrayals that recall the Templar Knights’ stay in Castignano during the crusades. These important events are joined by many others proposed by the large number of picturesque villages and hamlets scattered around the area.


The Piceno area is a wonderful outdoor museum. The passage of man has left its marks ever since the 9th century B.C. In the succession of historical events, the area has gathered Italic, Roman, medieval, renaissance, baroque and neoclassical vestiges. There is not a village that does not hide a work of art or some highly interesting find, but the artistic-cultural pole of the province is Ascoli Piceno, the travertine town and ancient capital of the Picenis, whose old town centre is a miracle of harmony. An extraordinary artistic season saw Carlo Crivelli and Pietro Alamanno in the 15th century and the versatile Cola dell’Amatrice in the 16th century. Well worth a visit: the Cathedral of St. Emidio, the patron saint of the town, the Pinacoteca Civica (Municipal Art Gallery) which with over 400 works displayed in 14 rooms is the largest of the Marche region, the Archaeological Museum, the Diocesan Museum, the Natural History Museum, the Roman Bridge, the historical Ventidio Basso Theatre, the Ascoli centre of musical culture, above all opera. The suggestive Piazza del Popolo, the town’s drawing room, invites you for a pleasant stop for a coffee and an “anisetta” (an anise-flavoured liqueur) at the historical Caffè Meletti, in romantic Art Nouveau style, which has always been a meeting place for artists and scholars; or a taste of Ascoli olives accompanied by a cool glass of “Bianco Falerio” wine at the Caffè Lorenz, in the shadow of the Palazzo dei Capitani (Palace of the People’s Captains) and the Church of St. Francis.

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